About the project

Mario Constructor forever is a remake of Mario that I made using Gamemaker.
The main goal of this project is to make a level editor which is fast, reliable and easy to use. No Roms & no emulators are required to run the game (thus no copyright issues) & and will run under windows XP/Vista. best of all its absolutely Free.
Version 1.7. is available now! Try any of the following mirrors:


New in 1.7

Prepare for the biggest update yet, (and probably the 2nd or 3rd biggest update ever).
  • More backgrounds, including animated ones, which scroll at half the speed of the player
  • You can edit the background sky gradients.
  • New background scenery (which scroll with the background) and foreground scenery sprites
  • Special effects such as snow, fog and rain can now be added to each section
  • Floating platforms
  • You can add in your own custom music (upto 5 songs per levelset).
  • New enemies
    1. Rex
    2. Dark ninjis
  • More features (+ fixes) in playtest mode


Is it legal?

According to Nintendo's FAQ, almost certainly yes.
Nintendo stated
use of Nintendo's properties without formal permission by Nintendo may still be allowed under the relevant laws of the particular jurisdiction involved.
This game was programmed from scratch & Unlike the popular Lunar magic (which has been around for years without any lawsuits from Nintendo), this game does not require any roms or emulators.

As this is freeware I'm not selling anything. Remakes of mario of the classic 2d mario games have been around for years (like Mario forever and Mario flash), and Nintendo haven't complained.
If you want more examples go to youtube and type in "Mario", and you'll find plenty of mods and remakes which use similar, if not identical sprites to mario games.
There are also numerous forums in which remakes of mario are discussed and usually supported.

In the unlikely event that Nintendo does complain, I'll comply and remove the game from my website.
I can be contacted at glider521al@gmail.com
However this game isn't stealing any credit, if anything I'm promoting the idea of Mario.


Snapshots (scaled down)

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New features in 1.6:

  • Additional gameplay glitches fixed
  • New text based MCE format for swapping levels between levelsets
  • Vines grow gradually from blocks SMW style
  • Dry bones (2 types have been added)

New features in 1.5.2:

This release as dedicated almost entirely to fixing physics glitches.
  • Inertia plays influences player more and character movement is not as jerky. Making Mario easier to control
  • Instances of Mario and some enemies getting temporarily stuck at corners of blocks has been drastically reduced.
  • All walking enemies are now effected by jumpthrough blocks.
  • In the case of castles: Mario must now touch the door (whilst standing on something), to complete the level (thus getting rid of those ugly, in air exeunts).
  • Yellow stemed piranha plants will only descend/rise if Mario is not in their way (unless they're already in the process of moving).
  • bonus features:
  • Option of having green or violet toxic water
  • Inactive item boxes (i.e. the classical invisible ones that only activate when Mario jumps up at them from below.)

New features in 1.5:

  • You can now turn the liquid level into toxic water or deadly magma!
  • You can have upto 3 levels per levelset!
  • Glitches that caused Mario to get temporarily stuck at stacked flip/switch blocks while running at them have been fixed
  • World and level names are now kept seperate
  • New enemies of chain chomps (2 different sprites) and Banzai bullet bills have been added
  • Compatibility from levels made with older versions
Note: If you've created levels with older versions, may need to recustomize toggle block sprites and Bowser's attack patterns (as these variables have been mysteriously reset when loading levels from 1.3 and older), sorry.

+Old Gameplay Features


  • A liquid level system which is adjustable with crystals
  • A wide selection of enemies including multiple varietys of goombas, koopa troopas, buzy beetles
  • Other enemies include bullet bill cannons, lakitus, enemy bros (fire, hammer and boomerang)...
  • Mario is equiped with a range of abilities: climbing, swimming, grabing and throwing objects. Powerups include fireflower, beetroot and starman and various types of mushrooms.
  • Bowser is equipped with 4 deadly abilities including hammer throwing and tripple flame
  • There is a wide selection of platforms and obstacles including flip blocks, travelling platforms and note blocks...
  • Checkpoint and inventory box systems
  • Various graphics, sounds and music, that were modified from freeware sources (see credits section)
  • Pipe passages
  • And much more...

+ Old Level editor Features


  • Instance placement made fast: Just click on the relevant panel than on the screen where you want to place the instance.
  • Ability to select areas, to fill with patterns of tiles and certain objects. Thus drastically decreasing the time taken to build levels.
  • Each level is divided into 3 sections for which you can customize the background, music and water level.
  • Instance Customization: You can change the properties of instances once their created such as warp passages and bowser's attacks patterns. Just middle click on object marked with a #
  • Playtest mode, allowing you to test your levels before you publish them, using tools like leviation and quick invincibility to make things run more smoothly
  • and much more...
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